The complete toolkit for turning Anxiety 2 Confidence

The online Anxiety 2 Confidence hypnotherapy course has been designed to give you the tools you need to overcome anxiety and build confidence. It uses a combination of hypnosis and cognitive behavioural therapy exercises to teach you how you can take control.

Watch the video below where I take you through exactly what the course covers and how it works online.

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In this online course you will learn

  • Cognitive distortions – How the way you think is affecting how you feel and how to notice negative thoughts.
  • Alternative thoughts – How to change those negative thoughts for ones that are more positive and helpful to you
  • Fixing cognitive distortions – Ways that you can go about changing the way you think.
  • Thoughts, feelings, actions link – When you end up in difficult situations you can use the exercise  to map out what went wrong and how you would prefer to do it next time. This is also a great exercise for understanding what actually happens in situations that cause you anxiety.
  • STOPP – This is your personal process for stopping those negative thoughts before they cause you upset.
  • Hypnosis – You will have a selection of mp3s to use whenever you like. They range from simple relaxation to boosting confidence in stressful situations.
  • Self-Hypnosis – You will learn how to use self-hypnosis either through your anchor or by imagining yourself in your safe place. Use this whenever you need to calm your emotions or would like to relax.
  • Visualisation – One of your mp3s invites you to imagine a stressful situation whilst feeling relaxed, whilst being the most calm and confident version of yourself and also whilst believing a positive statement. This can be used for any situation you have coming up that you are nervous of.
  • Communication styles – This is all about understanding how we come across to others, This exercise is so useful and helps you consider how you behave in different situations.
  • Assertiveness – Calm clear communication is key to helping other people treat you in the way you deserve to be treated. Try and practice assertiveness in every situation you can, even the highly emotional ones.
  • Finding meaning and purpose – A lack of meaning and purpose has been linked to many mental health issues. This exercise gives you a structured way to start thinking about yours.
  • Understanding the “Why?” of goals – This is how you motivate yourself to do the things you want to do when you aren’t quite feeling it (it happens to everyone). Keep using this exercise to understand the real reasons you want to do something and then use those reasons as motivation to get up and go.
  • Mindfulness - *BONUS* This bonus module will introduce you to simple mindfulness that you can incorporate into your everyday life and includes an extra mp3 for you to relax to.

All of these amazing techniques combine to show you how to take control of your anxiety and build a realistic confidence that is personal to you.

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Work on your anxiety in your own time and in your own space

Many people like to keep their anxiety private, this course is perfect for your privacy but with the same great benefits of hypnotherapy, cognitive behavioural therapy and mindfulness

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Learn new skills for life

The cost of the course includes lifetime access so that you can always refer back to it if you start to struggle again. All of the exercises included in the course are ones that you can use to  help you in a wide range of situations. Many of my clients end up doing things they never thought possible.

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Your anxiety will always be there unless you do something about it. Sign up and get started now.

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Key benefits from this course

Easy and convenient access, you can make this course fit around your busy life.

You work through the course at the best pace for you and make sure that you take back control over your anxiety.

Self help, applied relaxation therapies and cognitive behavioural therapy are recommended by the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) for generalised anxiety disorder.

Lifetime access to the course means that you can revisit the exercises as often as you like.

Get started as soon as you create your log in, no need to wait for the next available appointment.

Clear and simple process to follow that gets great results from phobias to low level anxiety.

Easily used on desktop, tablet or mobile. Ideal for clients on the move and who want to work on exercises while out and about, or clients that can't leave their homes.

Start taking control of your anxiety today

You can get started on the course as soon as you have created your log in so get yourself signed up and take some control back over your anxiety.

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