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How I work

Face to face hypnotherapy sessions

I see clients in my clinic based in Andover, Hampshire for private hypnotherapy based sessions. I also see clients through our secure online telehealth system for those who can't or prefer not to travel.

My sessions are specifically structured to help you overcome anxiety and then build confidence.

Sessions are tailored to you and you also receive a hypnosis or mindfulness mp3 after each session. I also provide you with exercises to do between sessions to make sure you improve as quickly as possible.

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Online Courses

As a more affordable option to private therapy, our clinical hypnotherapist has developed dedicated Anxiety 2 Confidence courses.

These courses are structured in the same way as therapy would be and take you through a series of cognitive behavioural exercises and hypnosis mp3s to take control over your anxiety.

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Get the best of both

The Anxiety 2 Confidence course PLUS is all of the great benefits of the online course PLUS online sessions with our clinical hypnotherapist.

This is a great way to work on your anxiety in your own time but also have the support of a therapist to make sure you stay on track and make the most out of the course.

Sessions also include any extra hypnosis work that would be beneficial and bespoke mp3s

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Free Phone Consultation

Book a free phone consultation for a relaxed chat about course options and how I may be able to help you. The button below takes you to my diary and will allow you to make a booking at a time that suits you.


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