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What is “mind over matter” and is it a good idea?


I was inspired to write this blog because of a really interesting conversation I had with another healthcare professional in relation to my marathon training at the moment.

During the conversation I said quite flippantly that the training was just mind over matter and as I have learnt many ways of controlling my mind over the years, I’m pretty sure I would be fine.

Later during a half marathon, I had quite a lot of time (I’m not a very fast runner) to think about this statement and consider what does it really mean and Is it in fact a good idea?


What do we mean by “mind over matter”?

Whenever I have heard this phrase used, it seems to mean using mental fortitude to overcome some physical pain or barrier and therefore succeed at something that maybe seemed impossible or unlikely to achieve.

I figured I would check online and see if this was correct, this was the Oxford dictionary definition:

“The use of willpower to overcome physical...

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PODCAST - How to find alternative ways of thinking

Following on from previous podcast episodes on cognitive distortions, negative thoughts and how to challenge them is this weeks episode on how to find alternatives.

In this episode I go through each of the distortions or types of negative thoughts and give you ideas and questions you can ask yourself to come up with more realistic and positive alternatives.

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PODCAST - Fixing and challenging negative thoughts

This episode follows on from last week and covers what we can actually do about cognitive distortions.

In this episode are tips and cognitive behavioural based ways you can challenge negative thoughts and consider how realistic they really are.

This is a great episode for anyone who is looking to overcome anxiety and negative thinking patters with great practical advise that you can go away and actually try out for yourself.

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PODCAST - The role of adrenaline and negative thoughts in anxiety

In this episode I talk in more detail about how the adrenaline causes the physical symptoms of anxiety. I also talk about what kicks off an adrenaline response so that you can consider what thoughts might be starting your anxiety.

You can find out more about what thoughts are holding you back by heading to

Here you can download your very own list of cognitive distortions and see which ones you do most often.

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Discover which common negative thinking patterns you have.

The way we think has a huge impact on our mental health. If you are looking to overcome your anxiety or just improve your mental health then first you need to know what thoughts are making things worse.

This download gives you a list of the most common ways we think negatively. All you need to do is see which ones you do most.

Also, keep an eye on your emails! I will be sending you a really useful video that goes with this exercise.