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What causes anxiety

anxiety knowledge Jun 22, 2019

Understanding your anxiety


One of the first things I discuss with clients is how their anxiety works. Almost straight way they will say "I know it's stupid but...." and then go on to describe their anxiety to me.

This assessment of their anxiety as "stupid" shows me two things. One, the person in front of me is aware that the anxiety they are feeling is illogical. Two, they think that diminishing it or dismissing it will make it go away.

Wrong on both counts.

Anxiety is not stupid as this blog will be aiming to demonstrate and to get a grip of anxiety you need to UNDERSTAND it...

What is Anxiety?

Put simply, anxiety is a fear of a future event.

This fear can occur because of previous experiences that have been negative, a new experience that you can't control or an experience that is normally fine but somehow you suddenly become scared of it going wrong.

Anxiety is both a mental and physical condition. The mental aspect in anxiety is the mental fear of something and this...

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Discover which common negative thinking patterns you have.

The way we think has a huge impact on our mental health. If you are looking to overcome your anxiety or just improve your mental health then first you need to know what thoughts are making things worse.

This download gives you a list of the most common ways we think negatively. All you need to do is see which ones you do most.

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