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PODCAST - How you can learn to be confident

In this episode I answer questions on building confidence, even if you have never felt it before!

Our brains have an incredible capacity to learn new skills and learning to be more confident is exactly the same.

If you have any questions that you would like answered on the podcast then pop me an email at [email protected]

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PODCAST - Why we Develop and Feel Anxiety

This is a detailed episode to start with and it includes loads of great information to help you understand why it is we get anxiety and why it feels the way it does.

By understanding some of the background of anxiety, we can start to rationalise it more easily and understanding the physical symptoms will help us recognise it.

If you have any questions then please do get in touch as I will be answering any questions in future podcast episodes.

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Anxiety disorders and long term effects of Anxiety


I talk about anxiety a lot obviously because that is a big part of what I do!!

I'm going to recap some stuff about anxiety but I'm also going to talk about some of the deeper issues that anxiety can cause because it is quite a difficult thing to deal with an ongoing basis, people actually can develop quite severe issues if anxiety is not dealt with.

I'm also going to talk through some different anxiety disorders as well and give you a very brief overview of what they are.

Anxiety recap

Anxiety is the fear  of a future event as to why we have that fear depends on the person, depends on the situation and depends on whether or not there's been a past issue.

It also depends on whether or not the person with anxiety is lacking in the personal self belief and their confidence to take on new things or situations.

Our perspective on a future event is also key to anxiety and I have talked extensively in workshops about how thoughts lead to feelings which lead to certain actions.


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Dealing with Impostor Syndrome

The syndrome is one that I have been aware of before and have struggled with myself  in the past so I know from personal experience what it takes to deal with it.

Despite studying anxiety and psychology extensively, I still occasionally catch my negative thoughts saying "why on earth would people listen to you?".

Not what you need when you are about to hit the stage!!

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What is Impostor Syndrome?

Put simply it is the overriding feeling that you have achieved where you are by luck and could be found out at any moment as a fraud.

This can be in the work place, as a parent or even as a student.

It was originally thought that women were more affected than men however, more recent studies have found that gender doesn't have any impact on how likely an individual is to develop it.

As such a wide range of people struggle with impostor syndrome, believing that their accomplishments are...

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What causes anxiety

anxiety knowledge Jun 22, 2019

Understanding your anxiety


One of the first things I discuss with clients is how their anxiety works. Almost straight way they will say "I know it's stupid but...." and then go on to describe their anxiety to me.

This assessment of their anxiety as "stupid" shows me two things. One, the person in front of me is aware that the anxiety they are feeling is illogical. Two, they think that diminishing it or dismissing it will make it go away.

Wrong on both counts.

Anxiety is not stupid as this blog will be aiming to demonstrate and to get a grip of anxiety you need to UNDERSTAND it...

What is Anxiety?

Put simply, anxiety is a fear of a future event.

This fear can occur because of previous experiences that have been negative, a new experience that you can't control or an experience that is normally fine but somehow you suddenly become scared of it going wrong.

Anxiety is both a mental and physical condition. The mental aspect in anxiety is the mental fear of something and this...

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