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PODCAST - How to enjoy Christmas parties, even with anxiety

This episode is focusing around my top hints and tips on how you can enjoy the party season, even if you struggle with anxiety and social anxiety.

These tips have been tried and tested by myself and my clients in clinic so make sure you have a listen and try them out.

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How to enjoy Christmas parties, even with anxiety!!

Anxiety can be a massive hindrance when it comes to enjoying a party and this time of year can be a struggle, especially if you struggle with social anxiety.

I have never been an outgoing or particularly sociable person and so when I struggled with anxiety myself, it seemed that the simplest option was to avoid social events altogether.

When it comes to Christmas, there are often loads of invitations to parties that can get your heart racing. Office parties, family gatherings and Christmas parties for those you share a hobby with all come around once a year and can make the month of December very stressful indeed.

Here are some tried and tested tips to help make Christmas party season fun, even if you struggle with anxiety.

Arrive on time

This may seem like an odd tip but arriving on time for a party or meal can be very beneficial if you don’t find socialising comfortable.

When you arrive on time you are usually there before most people who prefer to arrive fashionably late...

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PODCAST - How to find alternative ways of thinking

Following on from previous podcast episodes on cognitive distortions, negative thoughts and how to challenge them is this weeks episode on how to find alternatives.

In this episode I go through each of the distortions or types of negative thoughts and give you ideas and questions you can ask yourself to come up with more realistic and positive alternatives.

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PODCAST - Fixing and challenging negative thoughts

This episode follows on from last week and covers what we can actually do about cognitive distortions.

In this episode are tips and cognitive behavioural based ways you can challenge negative thoughts and consider how realistic they really are.

This is a great episode for anyone who is looking to overcome anxiety and negative thinking patters with great practical advise that you can go away and actually try out for yourself.

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PODCAST - Cognitive Distortions: What are they and how do they affect you?

anxiety mental health Nov 22, 2019

In this episode I go into detail about cognitive distortions. I cover what they are, the most common ones that people do and examples of how they can affect your mental health.

Self awareness is key to overcoming anxiety so this episode will talk through all of the most common distortions so that you can consider if these thought patterns affect you.

My FREE cognitive distortions exercise can be downloaded from

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PODCAST - LIVE talk on negative thoughts, challenging those thoughts and building confidence

Uncategorized Nov 15, 2019

This is a special episode as I have managed to track down the audio from a talk I did at a Health and Well being Summit back in 2018. There is so much good information in this talk that I have made the audio into this weeks episode!!

This week I cover the importance of confidence to me, how negative thoughts affect us, how we can train our minds to be different and how we can build confidence through expanding the comfort zone.

You can find more information and by blog at where you can also download a free exercise that will help you identify your negative thoughts.

Please also consider rating my podcast if you have found it useful as it makes it easier for other people to find it and make use of the free information that will help them overcome anxiety. Thank you so much to those who have. 

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It shouldn't happen to a marathon runner!!

I used to watch the London Marathon most years with my Dad and for some reason got into my head that I wanted to run it some day, I have no idea why as running is NOT an activity that I enjoy...

Later I made it a goal that I would do the London Marathon before I was 30.


2014 was my first marathon attempt!

Unfortunately one week before the marathon my pony, Linford, decided to have a huge strop and crushed my big toe!!! When it happened I didn't realise the extent of the injury, after all it was just a toe right?

Jon drove me to Salisbury A&E as we figured we needed to know how bad it was and one Xray later we discovered a crush fracture of the end bone in my big toe and the fracture had compromised the joint.

I asked the consultant if there was any chance I could run on it and was met with a look of complete disbelief and the word "no".

All those hours of training and I spent the next few weeks walking around with this sexy footwear:


After the burn of 2014 I had...

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My top attitude changes for a happy life

The attitudes that you have about yourself, others and the circumstances around you have a huge impact on your ability to be happy.

if you have a calm and rational attitude to all of those things then it stands to reason that you will be able to deal with any problems that occur without an overly emotional response.

1: Understanding that you are responsible for your emotions...

if you have read any of my previous blogs then you will have noticed that I make a big deal about what you think. This is because our thoughts affect our feelings which in turn affect our actions.

By understanding that our thoughts affect our feelings in any situation, we can learn to control our emotions.

Bad things happen to everyone. When something bad happens, it is perfectly normal to have a negative emotional response to the situation.

If you are in a car crash or going through a divorce or have lost someone then it makes sense to have negative thoughts about the situation because they are negative...

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PODCAST - Attitude changes for a happy life

It is easy when talking about anxiety and mental health to become very preoccupied with the issue. It is so important that we also consider how we are going to make the changes necessary to improve our lives. 

In this episode I talk about the attitude changes needed to be able to live a happy life.

Click here to find out more and see which negative thoughts are holding you back.

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How could you learn to be confident?

Uncategorized Oct 31, 2019

Something that gets asked regularly in 1 to 1 session is:

"How can I learn to be confident when I have never felt it before?"

Good question right? how would that person know what it feels like!

Remembering confidence

In an ideal world when working with clients they are able to think back to a time when they felt confident. We can then use visualisation, meditation and self hypnosis tools to help build on that and improve their confidence.

For some people though, they tell me they have never felt it before so how are these people able to dramatically improve their confidence?

Discovering your confidence

if you have never felt confident before it can be tricky to imagine a future with confidence so as a therapist, I start with the basics.

Therapists are trained to ask very high quality and specific questions that are designed to help people consider themselves in a different way.

This means that I can find something that makes that person feel good about themselves.

If this describes...

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Discover which common negative thinking patterns you have.

The way we think has a huge impact on our mental health. If you are looking to overcome your anxiety or just improve your mental health then first you need to know what thoughts are making things worse.

This download gives you a list of the most common ways we think negatively. All you need to do is see which ones you do most.

Also, keep an eye on your emails! I will be sending you a really useful video that goes with this exercise.