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How you can use self-hypnosis and visualisation to improve performance

Uncategorized Jun 05, 2020

Visualisation is a well documented and utilised technique. It is often used by sports people to improve performance and mindset.

How do you do it?

Put simply, you imagine what you want to visualise! Build a picture of the situation in your mind making sure that the details are clear in your mind.

Start small

Imagine a lemon in your mind.

Imagine what it looks like, what you can see and how detailed you can make it. You might be able to imagine the small pits in the skin and the dried stalk remnant at the end.

Then go further, can you imagine how it would smell? How would it feel in your hand?

Imagine cutting it and smelling the juice even more strongly. Imagine even, what it might taste like!

Is your mouth watering yet????

That's how strong it can be.

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Make it bigger

Take that same process and apply it to the thing you want to improve. Build it up in the same way, what you can see and hear. Think about how the situation feels, what the floor is like under your feet and what you can smell or touch.

Make it positive

Now imagine yourself doing the thing you want to improve and make sure it's the best you have ever done it.This is called practicing for success...

Find out how you can learn self-hypnosis and visualisation from the comfort of your own home HERE.

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