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About Siobhan Booth and Anxiety 2 Confidence

I am a huge supporter of the NHS and the incredible work that it does. However, when I struggled with mental health issues there was very little help available and what help there was had a long waiting list.

I have since come to understand how important it is to let the NHS do what it does best and help those who urgently need help, and so I chose to pay for private therapy. At the time it was a huge investment for me as I really didn't earn a lot of money.

As I learnt more about mental health and the power we have over how we think and feel, it became something that I couldn't stop researching and looking into. I come from a scientific background and became hugely intrigued with hypnosis and how it functioned as a therapy.

My approach now after many courses and an honours degree, is very straightforward and logical and aims to give each and every client that completes my course a full toolkit of techniques to give them complete control over their anxiety.

Since my therapy, many years ago, I have been able to do things like give talks to crowded rooms, run workshops and compete on my horse. These are all things that I would have avoided doing if I didn't have the tools and techniques that I now teach my clients.

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Why choose Anxiety 2 Confidence?

Whether you choose an online course or the 1-2-1 course with me in clinic, Anxiety 2 Confidence has been specifically developed to show you how you can take control back.

The course is deliberately structured so that you can learn step by step how you are making your anxiety worse, how you can control the symptoms of anxiety and how you can learn to be confident instead.

By taking a very practical approach to dealing with mental health, you can complete tasks in your own everyday life so that you can learn how to control your anxiety at the times and places that matter to you.

All you need to do is take a deep breath, decide that you are going to take control and get started as soon as you can.

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I work with clients face to face at my clinic in Andover, Hampshire UK as well as over Skype and through my online courses.

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