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Overcome anxiety and learn how you can be confident with Anxiety 2 Confidence

Anxiety can be a really frustrating thing to experience. It may have developed for apparently no reason or something you have always struggled with.

At Anxiety 2 Confidence we first show you how you can take control of your anxiety, and then help you build a strong and realistic confidence.

Find out what negative thoughts are making your anxiety worse.

It can be really difficult to know who to go and see when you are struggling with anxiety.

Here you can download for free the first exercise that I go through with clients.

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Find out more about how I may be able to help with a free half hour chat over the phone. It is a great opportunity to discuss the issues you are facing and see what options there are.

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It can be difficult to know sometimes if a therapist is right for you. During our free phone consultation we will talk a little about the challenges you are facing. I will also then be able to let you know how I could help or suggest an approach that may be more beneficial.

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These are run exactly the same as in person sessions just over our secure clinic video call system. All you need is a laptop or PC and you will get face to face support to overcome your anxiety. We can also do hypnosis over the call and your personalised mp3 is sent to you after the session.

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Find out more about online sef-help courses

The online courses are a great way to get the benefits of therapy in your own home and on your schedule. Our courses range from short self-hypnosis courses and positivity challenges to our full Anxiety 2 Confidence course with downloadable CBT exercises and hypnosis mp3s to show you how to take control of your anxiety.

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About your therapist

Siobhan Booth MSc MBPsS

I am a registered psychologist with the British Psychological Society (BPS) and a clinical hypnotherapist. I have been helping clients with a range of anxiety disorders in my Andover based clinic since 2011. 

I have qualifications in psychology, counselling, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and clinical hypnosis and aim to use a combination of techniques that benefit the individual that I am working with. 

Although I now have many qualifications that I am very proud of, the reason I ended up working in mental health is that my struggles with anxiety lead me to fail my first degree. When I eventually graduated with my masters degree, it was proof to me that you can overcome anxiety. 



It can be difficult to know whether a therapist will be the right fit for you. Some of my amazing past clients have been kind enough to provide testimonials to give you an idea of what it would be like to work with me and what we could achieve.

"Went for several sessions and found an improvement in myself very quickly. Have been provided with some very simple techniques that I have taken in to real life situations so that I can manage myself so much better. Since then I have not looked back. I really cannot recommend highly enough."

Chris Knights

"My driving instructor recommended I see Siobhan for my anxiety with driving. I had failed my first two tests due to anxiety and panic attacks and I was skeptical at the start of the course. However, by the end of the course I had a completely new outlook on life, numerous coping mechanisms for my anxiety which I could rely on and a brand new driving licence. Both myself and my driving instructor firmly agree that me passing my test was due to the support and guidance received from Siobhan. She was incredible at putting my worries into perspective and helping me realise that my anxiety was something I could control. I can not recommend her enough!!"

Kayleigh Lewis

"I went to Siobhan because of a fear of public speaking. I always felt that if I could conquer that then it would open up so many doors for me, especially with being self employed and running my own business. I can safely say that not only has my fear of public speaking and presenting dissipated to the extent I am now able to teach workshops to people, I am also feeling more confident and less anxious in other situations. The recordings of the hypnotherapy side of our treatment help to keep me on track and I have notes to refer back to if I feel like something is effecting me negatively. These tools have provided me with a comprehensive approach to tackle things head on, not only with the issue I went in there to deal with but in other situations that have come up since then. Be prepared to take responsibility for your own success, if you work hard follow Siobhan’s advice you won’t fail. Thank you so much Siobhan 😊 Your work in invaluable to mental health."

Ella Attrill

"I’ve just completed my course is sessions with Siobhan, and I would definitely recommend her to anyone if you’re looking learn to manage and overcome anxiety. Prior to us doing any sessions I was going through a real bad patch of anxiety, but Siobhan has given me a very good structured plan to stop my anxiety in its tracks, and showed me how to build myself a more positive all round state of wellbeing. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"

Wills Knight

"Can’t recommend enough. Siobhan makes you feel comfortable and at ease. After 5 weeks I feel like a different person through the CBT and mindfulness sessions. My anxiety has drastically decreased and I have more positive things to focus on moving forward. If you are looking for help or just want to explore different ways of focusing get in contact."

Hannah Morris

Understand your anxiety

Understanding what is going on when you have anxiety is a key part in learning how to control it.

I regularly run workshops, deliver talks and educate my clients on the reasons why anxiety becomes such a major part of our lives.

Anxiety is not just a mental health issue, the symptoms can be very physical and distressing.

Build confidence and self esteem

I use a number of techniques to help people build a realistic and personal version of confidence.

As a trained hypnotherapist, hypnosis is one of my favorite tools and can be used in a number of ways to promote confidence.

Clients also benefit from a range of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) exercises to learn how to challenge negative thoughts and self beliefs and replace them for positive or useful ones instead. 

Be the person you want to be

I faced my own challenges with anxiety and it very nearly ruined my life.

Overcoming anxiety has allowed me to become the person I always dreamed of being.

I coach clients through the process of achieving the mindset they need to do whatever they have dreamed of doing. 

My clients have been able to compete at sports, overcome their greatest fears and even give presentations to crowded rooms!!


Discover which common negative thinking patterns you have.

The way we think has a huge impact on our mental health. If you are looking to overcome your anxiety or just improve your mental health then first you need to know what thoughts are making things worse.

This download gives you a list of the most common ways we think negatively. All you need to do is see which ones you do most.

Also, keep an eye on your emails! I will be sending you a really useful video that goes with this exercise.